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Wasting time driving to pivots?


Monitor them from your computer/phone instead. AgSense can simplify agricultural life-style. You can Monitor soil saturation, control your pivot, and evaluate reports for future decisions.

Constant outlet pressure means consistent flow and a more uniform crop.


  • Maintain distribution uniformity
  • Deliver optimum performance
  • Low pressure energy savings

Water Application Solutions


“Saving water, Saving energy and Doing a better job of irrigating”

For Mechanized Irrigation Systems


  • Water Distribution
  • Consistency of Droplet Size
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Adaptability



Travelers make portable irrigation fast, easy and durable right where you need it!

•  Sports Fields  •  Horse Arenas

•  Crops/Gardens • Industrialization

•  Food Plots/Pastures